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Research shows that giving your project a meaningful acronym raises your chances of acquiring funding by up to 80%*, giving you the advantage required in this competitive market. Introducing ACROGEN: the project acronymizer.


Simply enter the name of your theory or project below, hit Submit, and let ACROGEN work its magic. Entering more characters will ensure a high quality, memorable acronym will be generated for YOU**.

*this statistic is stated for hyperbolic purposes only and is not subject to legal or scientific scrutiny

**but if it still doesn't work, SOL


Professor Heisse Potata, University of Arkansas

I had a new theory of consciousness called "A New Theory of Consciousness", but my collaborators wouldn't let me submit the manuscript without a catchy acronym. With ACROGEN, I generated a meaningful acronym in seconds, and my collaborators don't speak to me anymore but I would like to think the silence is amicable. Thank you, ACROGEN!

Dr Melee Atak, African National University

I submitted an ACROGEN acronym to the Je-S portal for the UKRI ESRC NIRG, and they emailed me personally to tell me how inspirational my acronym was! They still use it in their promotions to this day and administrators love me! 

Ass. Prof. Carmello Appello, Università degli Studi della Luna

I was giving a keynote lecture, when a prominent member of the audience stood up during the Q&A and asked how anyone was supposed to remember "ProBIOaSWHa" (Project Break It Open and See What Happens). Everyone laughed at me. While drowning my sorrows at the bar later, my RA told me about ACROGEN, the acronym generator. I was skeptical but I gave it a try. At my next keynote, I received a standing ovation for my innovative acronym.

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