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Being Human Festival, 10-19th November 2022

The Atkinson, Southport, UK

Exhibition opening events: 11-12 Nov.

"Meet an artist" evenings: 18-19 Nov.

Family friendly Saturdays: 12th and 19th November

Experience Ganzflicker, a centuries-old psychedelic flickering light practice that creates visual illusions and altered states of consciousness, and has been used to reveal the hidden inner workings of the human imagination. Open your eyes to a showcase of historic Ganzflicker techniques and discover what artists and scientists have to say about the mind’s ability to shape the experience of reality. The exhibition includes interactive installations and activities aimed at all ages, including video projections, wearable “hypnobuckets”, and an art and collage table where you can illustrate your personal Ganzflicker experiences.

Below, you will find our virtual exhibition, showcasing various Ganzflicker illusions, art, and current research. All virtual experiences can be viewed from a mobile phone!

Learn more about our "meet an artist" event HERE

See the slideshow of experiences from the event!
(click to enlarge)


Benham's Top

A black-and-white disk, when spun like a top, induces the experience of illusory colors!


Gysin's Dreamachine

A spinning cylinder of shadow shapes induces the experience of altered states of consciousness!



An immersive red-and-black flicker that induces pseudo-hallucinations within seconds - try it online now!



An immersive recreational light flicker experience featured at art festivals and dance clubs, and now free to try at the live Ganzflicker exhibit!


UNBOXED Dreamachine

The latest Dreamachine sensation that toured across the UK in 2022 - a planetarium-style exhibit that uses powerful flickering lights to elicit psychedelic experiences!

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Meet artist Kirsten Baron!


Lots of people have wild and colorful visual experiences using the various Ganzflicker techniques that are showcased above - but sometimes it's hard to translate that experience into art!

Kirsten Baron is a professional artist who has expertise painting the visual imagination. From 18-19th November, she will be available in the Atkinson museum to bring your Ganzflicker experience to the canvas! 

CLICK HERE to learn more about Kirsten and see examples of her work

See below for Kirsten's impressions from the exhibition

Our Team


Special thanks to:

Jan Schniete, Edge Hill University                                               Michael Whetnall, Edge Hill University

James Curwen, Edge Hill University                                            Jonathan Grieve, Edge Hill University

Roger Perrin, Edge Hill University                                                Mark Molloy, Edge Hill University

Eliot Phillips                                                                                    Anil Seth, University of Sussex

Stephen Whittle, The Atkinson

Interns from Edge Hill University: Luiza Quinn, Wesley Nixon, Toby Crookes

Our Sponsors

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