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a novel model of divergent perception

Presenting my model in detail, including motivation from previous research, a summary of the model, and behavioral and neural predictions. My symposium talk presented at ECVP 2022 in Nijmegen.

differences in Subjective and objective imagery

A 6-minute run-through of my poster presented at V-VSS 2022, explained in more detail in my video "The diversity of human imagination". Click here for a pdf of the poster (to try out the experiments, click on the running person symbol in the pdf).

the diversity of human imagination

Using interviews and a test battery to classify mental imagery differences. Presented at the Didsbury SciBar, April 2022

watch the ganzflicker experience with music!

What do you see in the Ganzflicker? The 10-minute video that elicits pseudo-hallucinations. Don't watch if you have epilepsy!

Watch 3-minute theory: why people see different things in the ganzflicker!

A theory on the interaction between visual flicker and natural brain rhythms

now you can watch me talk about the ganzflicker!

This presentation was recorded for V-VSS 2021

I also like to talk about open science!

This presentation was recorded for Open Research Week 2022

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