Would you like to experience ganzfeld imagery?

A visual flicker presented at 13.1-16hz is known to induce "Ganzfeld imagery" (Sumich et al., 2018), a type of visual pseudo-hallucinations. The continuous flicker entrains the visual cortex to a rhythm that facilitates visual imagery. This method does not induce any permanent changes in the brain and does not elicit actual hallucinations.

Do not click the following link if you have epilepsy!

The following webpage flickers between red and black very rapidly. Do not use this link if you are prone to light-induced seizures.

*For the best experience, view the webpage on a desktop/laptop in fullscreen mode (using F11 on your keyboard), with the lights in the room turned off*

10 minutes

50 minutes

The above buttons play continuous white noise. White noise can be played in combination with the flicker to enhance Ganzfeld imagery. Listen with headphones for the most immersive experience.

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