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Consider the statements below. What do they describe? A trip on psychedelics? A dream?

"I felt I could reach through the screen to get to another place."

"Lasers became entire fans of light sweeping around, and then it felt as if the screen began to expand."

"I saw old stone buildings … like a castle … I was flying above it."

In reality, they are statements that different people reported after viewing the “Ganzflicker” on their computers—an intense full-screen, red-and-black flicker that anyone can access online and that we use in our experiments. In less than 10 minutes, it creates altered states of consciousness, with no lasting effects for the brain. Visual experiences set in almost as soon as you start looking at it... CLICK HERE to read on!

The following video is not suitable for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy!

This is a 10-minute video of 7.5Hz red-and-black Ganzflicker. The music was created and synchronized by the talented Ian Christian.

For best results, watch in fullscreen mode with the lights in the room turned off, and listen with headphones at a comfortable volume that blocks out environment noises.

Please fill out the questionnaire afterwards about your experience here:

If you want to learn more about the Ganzflicker and how we think the illusions happen, watch my three-minute theory video:

For the science-oriented:


readers of the Pop Science article in The Conversation


responses on the Ganzflicker questionnaire


downloads of the article on PsyArXiv

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